Slitting of Electrical Steel Coils (CRNO)


Slitting of Electrical Steel Coils ( CRNO )

  • Manufacture : Sanno Tekko (Japanese)
  • Thickness : 0.1-1.6mm
  • Width : up to 1300mm
  • Coil weight : up to 18mt
  • Coil Id : 508mm/610mm (IN), 508mm(OUT)
  • Line Speed : upto 180mm
  • Min. Slitting width : 20mm
  • Capacity : 84,000mt per year (2 shift )
  • Special Option : MD Roll, Double Slitting Stand, Turn Table
  • Processing Material : Mainly CRNO, however CRCA, GIC, EGC, SS, TS, TFS and etc is available.

MIESP Speciality

  • Special design for slitting CRNO and lighter gauge material.
  • In house Slitter knives maintenance & grinding.
  • On line quality inspection, thickness, thickness variation, width, camber and Barr height from top 2m and tail 1m.
  • Stored inspection sample for 4weeks.
  • Deep and academic consideration and internal testing for improving processing qualities.
  • Perfect traceability